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Program Overview

ICEC-PAQS 2018 Conference
featuring 3rd International QS BIM Conference

Sunday 18 November 2018 Monday 19 November 2018 Tuesday 20 November 2018

Conference Day 1
Cocktail Reception

Conference Day 2
Conference Dinner
Conference Day 3


Presentations by theme (Note: Subject to change)

Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • A Comparative Study of BIM Contract Conditions among Hong Kong, UK and US (Dr Paul Ho, City University of Hong Kong)
  • A Level 2 BIM Maturity-KPI relationship assessment (Mr Ahmed Aboumoemen, University Of Salford)
  • Adopting technology for better cost advice (Silas Loh, SISV)
  • BIM and globalization of labor force (Mr Tse Tung, Hong Kong Institution of Surveyors)
  • BIM, Revisions & the Living Cost Estimate (Mr Tony Shaw, Exactal)
  • Conceptual Framework for Quantity Surveying Firms in Developing an Enhanced BIM 3D Model (Dr Hasnanywati Hassan, Universiti Sains Malaysia)
  • Current Statues of Awareness and Readiness Towards Building Information Modelling (BIM) Among Quantity Surveyors and Large- Scale Quantity Surveying Firms in Sri Lanka. (Miss Anushka Rathnayake, Mr Kawan Gangoda, The University Of Salford)
  • Developing New Standards of Measurement for Building Works in Malaysia (Syed Ibrahim Al-Jamalullail, Assoc Prof Sr Dr Kherun Nita Ali & Sr Chin Keh Liang, RISM)
  • Grassroots to Grandeur: Quantity Surveyors and Heritage Building Conservation (Ms Noor Azeyah Khiyon, University of Reading Malaysia)
  • Introduction To Elemental Design Analysis (EDA) Technique (Sr Chin Keh Liang, RISM)
  • Quantity Surveyor’s Initiatives in BIM 3D Model Conversion and Enhancement Process (Mr Lam Tatt Soon, Taylor’s University)
  • The Impact of BIM On Quantity Surveyor’s Role – The Contractor Perspective (Mr Aravinda Adhikari, City University Of Hong Kong)
  • The Possible Effect of Digital in Construction to the Cost Engineering and Quantity Surveying Profession (Mr Seah Eugene, Surbanajurong)
  • The Rise of BIM and The Next Chapter for QS (Mrs Sharon Yap, Altus Group)
Project Controls/Cost Management
  • A Critical Appraisal of Life Cycle Costing (LCC) in Buildings (Dr Olubukola Tokede, Deakin University)
  • Analysis of International versus Russian Estimating Standards (Dr Sean Regan, ICEC)
  • Benchmarking: A Simple Approach to Cost Relationship Analysis (Mr Lance Stephenson, Aecom)
  • Capital Projects’ Estimating in Mining and Oil & Gas industries: art or science (Mr Kalaiarasan Vinasithamby, Kbr Inc.)
  • Coordination of Interleaved Corporate Schedules as Multiple Projects Cost Controls (Mr Dinko Bacun, Indicio D.o.o.)
  • Data Mining, Benchmarking to Achieve Cost Intelligence (Mr Zheng Wang, Eclipse Cs Pty Ltd)
  • How to Plan Linear Projects (Mr Aldo Mattos, Aldo Mattos Consulting)
  • Implementation and Utilization of Value Management Practice in Construction Cost Management Practice in Nigeria (Mr Aminu Bashir, Nigerian Institute Of Quantity Surveyors)
  • International Construction Measurement Standards (ICMS) (Ken Creighton, RICS)
  • ISO 41000 series: international FM standards (Mr Stephen Ballesty, Rider Levett Bucknall)
  • Introduction to Elemental Design Analysis (EDA) Technique (Mr Keh Liang Chin, Perunding Pct Sdn Bhd)
  • Lifecycle Predictive Modelling using Data Science (Dr Pat O’Donnell, Dr Inna Kolyshkina, Analytikk Consulting Services)
  • Olympic Feat: How Los Angeles Metro in Managing Transit Upgrades (Ms Julie Owen, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authoirty)
  • Owner Cost Estimate Reviews (Allen Hamilton)
  • Performance Indicators for Construction Claims Management Practice In Nigeria (Dr Olusola Festus Akinradewo, The Federal University of Technology/ Corporate Member The Nigerian Institute of Quantity Surveyors)
  • Professional Services – Industry Capacity, Competency and Resilience to cope with the planned infrastructure pipeline, the ‘Infrastructure Bubble’ (Rolland Lindsay, WSP Australia)
  • The Global Project Cost Management Profession (Peter Smith, University of Technology Sydney)
  • The Rising Cost and Risks of Capital Projects (Mr Alberto Sanchez, Roads and Maritime Services)
  • Types, Causes, Effects and Management of Variations in Residential Building Projects in UAE (Mrs. Kushani Athapaththu, Turner & Townsend)
  • Unfounded criticism of the Earned Value Management, due to the Earned Schedule (Mr Ivaldo Monteiro Silva, Gs Management)
Law & Contracts
  • Construction Claims – The Quantity Surveyor & The Quantum Expert – One and the same or not? (Mr Jason Lal, Chiyoda Engineering)
  • Defining 2-Stage Early Contractor Involvement Contractual Procedures in New Zealand (Mr David Finnie, Otago Polytechnic)
  • Legal Consensus as to Embargo Claims in the Gulf Region; An Investigative Study (Dr Chandana Jayalath, Qserve Qatar Llc)
  • The Emperor’s New Clothes – How Construction Contracts Could Look Like in 2030 (Dr Naseem Ameer Ali, Massey University)
Project Management
  • The implementation of incentive schemes in construction contracting (Miss Liuying Zhu, City University of Hong Kong)
  • Assessment of Stakeholder Engagement Steps In Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFUND) Construction Projects In Nigeria (Mr Muhammad Laminu Ibrahim, Federal University Birnin Kebbi, Kebbi State, Nigeria.)
  • BIM and Architects’ Jobs in Japanese Building Projects (Dr Takashi Kaneta, Kyoto University)
  • Cross-functional Team Integration Using Project Facilitation for Infrastructure Delivery (Dr Dominic D Ahiaga-Dagbui, Deakin University)
  • Enterprise Projects Performance: Going Beyond Project Controls (Mrs Iulia Amariei, Hexagon PPM c/o Intergraph PP&M Australia Pty Ltd)
  • Fragmentation in Underlying Basic Assumptions of Public Sector Construction Project Culture: Case Studies in Sri Lanka (Miss Aparna Samaraweera, University Of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka)
  • Identifying VM Training and VM Certification Components for Facilitators and Co-facilitators (Dr Mei-yung Leung, City University of Hong Kong)
  • Impact of Evolving Construction Project Management Techniques for Proper Project Delivery:Review on Constructability Review, Lean Construction (LC) and Value Engineering (VE) Techniques (Mr Constant Mahame, Lanzhou Jiaotong University)
  • Measuring Project Influence: Conceptualizing a New Approach Applicable to all Project Types (Mr Muath Abu Arqoub, Bond University)
  • Research on the Third-Party Supervision Mechanism of PPP Projects in China (Dr Xiang Wang, Tianjin University)
  • A comparison of sustainability and financial performance of family controlled and non-family controlled listed property firms in Malaysia (Mr Boon Tik Leong, Taylor’s University)
  • A Conceptual Model on Method of Estimating Embodied Carbon through Value Chain for Construction Supply Chains (Miss M. N. N. Rodrigo, Western Sydney University)
  • Evaluation of the Impact of Cash flow on Sustainable Construction Projects Performance in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria (Dr Anjiba Lamptey – Puddicombe, Rivers State University, Port Harcourt, Nigeria)
  • Growth of South African green building: stakeholder perspectives on professional skills required (Mr Danie Hoffman, University of Pretoria)
  • Life-Cycle Cost Optimization Models for Green Buildings: A Literature Review (Mrs I.M. Chethana S. Illankoon, Western Sydney University)
  • The impact of education on construction and demolition waste management Victoria (Dr Nilupa Udawatta, Deakin University)
  • Towards decision making on carbon reduction over the building life cycle – an empirical study (Dr Peter S Wong, RMIT University)
Risk Management
  • Alliance Procurement– Promises, Truths, and Behaviours (Dr Alexia Nalewaik, AACE International & Professor Anthony Mills, Deakin University)
  • Risk Responsive Framework for Adaptive Reuse of Historic Buildings: A Case of Sri Lanka (Mrs Harshini Mallawaarachchi, University of Moratuwa)
  • The Extent of Use of Risk Management Techniques in the Construction Industry (In South Africa) (Mr Shoayb Loonat, Enumerate Consulting)
  • Understanding Contractors Risk (Alison Mirams, Roberts Pizzarotti Pty Ltd)
Smart Cities/Smart Infrastructure
  • The Positioning of Lagos as the Pioneer for Smart City Revolution in Nigeria (Mr Taridouye Gagariga, Nigerian Content Development Monitoring Board)
Building Resilience/Post Disaster Reconstruction
  • Reliable Sum Insured A proposed cost model (Mrs Inge Pieterse, University of Pretoria)
Human Resource Management
  • Cost Engineers and politicians – the perfect partnership (Mr Laurie Bowman, Synchrony)
  • Impacts of mentoring programs on construction graduates (Dr Ayodeji Oke, University of Johannesburg)
  • The QS Gender Gap – attracting new talent through strong role models (Ms Fiona Doherty, Rider Levett Bucknall)
  • The Role of Construction Project Managers (CPMs) in Construction Health and Safety (Professor John Smallwood, Nelson Mandela University)
Innovation in Construction
  • A Review of Defects In Low-Rise Residential Buildings in the Australian State of Victoria (Dr Vidal Paton-Cole & Dr Argaw Gurmu, Deakin University)
  • Contractors’ Learning and Innovation in Collaborative Environments: A Conceptual Framework (Ms Nipuni Sumanarathna, The University of Hong Kong)
  • Design for Manufacturing & Assembly – Prefabricated Pre-Finished Volumetric Construction (DfMA – PPVC) (Mr Sze Boon Khoo, Singapore Institute of Surveyor and Valuer)
  • Pre-Fabricated Pre-Finished Volumetric Construction (PPVC) for Residential Projects (Mr Max Shea, Threesixty Cost Management Pte Ltd)
  • Toward understanding the adoption of innovation in construction – a systematic review (Mr Liang Qi, the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT University))
  • Treetop Life in the Concrete Jungle – Timber structures as game changers (Natasha Carter & Mr Paolo Lavisci, RLB/Wood Solutions)

Key Dates

Early Bird Registration Deadline: Friday 28 September 2018
YQS Program: 15-16 November 2018
ICEC-PAQS 2018 Conference: 18 - 20 November 2018